This website is the story of my family, and it is the story of many families. It is also the story of our country, at least it is a part of that story.

You can start anywhere you like- with a surname, a place, or an historical event. Or, you can start right here. I am going to start with my grandparents. If you want to find out more about them, click on their names. From there, you will find links to more information about them and about their ancestors.

My maternal grandparents are John Rogers “Jack” Haberman and Aileen Knight Haberman.

My paternal grandparents are Richard Clarence Meek and Dorothy Morris Meek.

Click here if you would like to view my family tree in ancestry.com. You might need an ancestry.com membership to view it. I have a lot of information there, some is verified and some is conjecture.



My name is Donna Maureen Meek Pike and I was born in St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida in 1956. I have made myself the reference point for this site to make it as simple as possible to explain and understand the complicated family relationships. If you are my relative, then you can figure out (easily, I hope) your relationship to any of my ancestors. I have also done some research on some in-law families who are not my ancestors but are the ancestors of some of my relatives. I plan to add links to their information in the future. Some of these in-law families are Pike, Powell, and Ledbetter.

This entire site is “under construction.”  I will be continuously adding pages, and adding information to established pages. If you are interested in a particular page, be sure to check back periodically.

I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy putting it together. dmp

Cover Photo: Scotland


2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Ms. Pike,

    I just, today, found your website. As a Rogers, descended, as you are, from Anthony and Zilpah (Holcombe) Rogers, I have been researching Anthony and Zilpah and the Rogers name since 1958.

    Like you, I, along with others, are trying to locate, but without success at this point in time, family of Anthony Rogers. My line is from their third son, Anthony Rogers, born 1768, who married Lydia Ledden. They had a son, Anthony, born 1814, who married Margaret Sweet. Anthony and Margaret, in turn, had a son, Anthony, born 1846. who married Elizabeth Jane Miller. Anthony and Elizabeth had a son, Charles Anthony who was born in 1883. Charles Anthony married Mable Anna Yarnell and they had a son, Charles Anthony who was born in 1909. Charles Anthony married Eniz Mae Holben and they are my parents. I am Charles Anthony Rogers III, born in 1941.

    I have been looking for years for the birth date of Anthony Rogers (#1) but have found nothing. I was curious about the date you have of 1731 and in Simsbury, Connecticut.

    If you care to contact me, my e-mail address is rogersc@ohio.edu

    With warm regards and all good wishes,

    Charles Anthony Rogers
    Athens, Ohio

    • Thank you for your comment, and for following my website Mr. Rogers! As for our ancestor’s birth year, I copied 1731 from the family trees of other ancestry.com members, none of whom cited any source except for one who cited ‘One World Tree.’ I do not really know how One World Tree gets updated. So the year 1731 is floating around out there, but I am not aware of any source. As for his birthplace, in his request for compensation from the crown, he stated that he was “late of Simsbury in Connecticut,” but he doesn’t claim to have been born there. As far as I know, he could have come to Simsbury from anywhere.

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