Getting Started

The Coming of the Loyalists, by Henry Sandham

The Coming of the Loyalists, by Henry Sandham

Well, my family history website is off to a good start. I am going to try to put a little something on most of the pages before I announce it to the family and give them the link, so that they will have something to look at when they visit.

I am going to use this page as a genealogy blog. This week, in addition to the exciting work of getting this site going, I have worked on a couple of things. I will describe one here and save the other for another post.

I have spent quite a bit of time this week searching for the parents of my 5th great grandfather Anthony Rogers, b. 1731 Simsbury, Hartford, CT, d. 1794 North Esk, New Brunswick, Canada. Anthony Rogers was a British Loyalist in the American Revolution, and in 1782 he relocated to Canada with at least one son, Edward Rogers, leaving his wife Zilpha Holcombe Rogers and his eldest son James Rogers behind. Edward had a son Anthony, who had a son George, who had a daughter Alice, who was the mother of my grandfather, John Rogers “Jack” Haberman. There is a lot of information available in the US about Zilpha Holcombe’s family, and there is a lot of information about Anthony Rogers in Canada. But I want to find out where Anthony came from, and what happened to Zilpha. Some of the information in Canada states that she died in Ct in 1776, but I find that suspicious. Other information states that she was too ill to travel so Anthony had to leave her behind, and leave James to care for her. I don’t know whether that is fact or just a nice legend. What I know for a fact is that Anthony went to Canada from New York and Zilpha was not with him.

I recently discovered that there was a Rogers on the Mayflower, but a little poking around revealed that it is unlikely that my Anthony descended from him. Drat! I would love to inform my mother that she won the grand prize of genealogical research in the United States, that being Mayflower lineage, and that she is connected through her father, a naturalized American citizen from Canada, who hails from a community of British Loyalists who left the colonies during the American Revolution. The irony would be absolutely delicious!

But I am most motivated to find out who Anthony’s parents were, however they got here, so when the Mayflower connection proved unlikely, I looked elsewhere, namely, in Connecticut. There is a Rogers family of New London, Connecticut that looked promising. Their clan contains a lot of the same given names that my Canada clan bears: George, Edward, John. The Rogerses of the Mayflower do not. This family is descended from St. John Rogers the Martyr of England, and, for better or worse, they founded the religious sect, the Rogerenes in New England.

This week, I found a book, “James Rogers of New London, Ct: And His Descendants” by James Swift Rogers. 1902. I went all through this book and there was not a single Anthony Rogers, and certainly not my Anthony Rogers.

So, I have reached a dead end. But that just makes the challenge all the more exciting. My ancestor Anthony Rogers, Loyalist, had parents, and I will find them.


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