Dorothy Morris Meek

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Dorothy Mabel Morris was born on December 27, 1906 in Pacific County, Washington to Jesse Morris and Georgia A. Swain Morris. She lived with her family in Washington until at least 1910, but her family was from Indiana, and they returned there some time before 1920.

On November 19, 1925, Dorothy married Richard Clarence Meek in Indiana and they moved to Clearwater, Florida. Her husband loved living in Florida, but Dorothy preferred Indiana, and the family moved back to Indiana, only to return to Clearwater and rent the same house again, and then move back to Indiana once more.


Richard Clarence “RC” Meek, Jr.

Kathryn Eloise Meek

Dorothy Jeanne “Jeanne” Meek

Morris Cooper Meek

Thomas Owen Meek

Donald Lee Meek

Her parents were:

Jesse Morris (1869-1945)

Georgia A. Swain Morris Ward (1887-1962)

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dorothy honeymoon

Richard and Dorothy Meek on their honeymoon in Pinellas County, Florida

dorothy Louise Jeanne Granddad

Grandfather Alvin Swain, sister Louise, daughter Jeanne, and Dorothy

dorothy swains rc

Mother Georgia Ward, son RC, grandfather Alvin Swain, and Dorothy

dorothy on post dorothy baby dorothy gravestone dorothy


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