My maternal grandfather, John Rogers Haberman, is the son of Alice Rogers and Frederick Haberman. Alice Rogers is the daughter of George Rogers and Barbara Menzies. George Rogers was the son of Anthony Rogers and Hannah Adams, and Anthony is the son of Edward Rogers who emigrated from New York to New Brunswick, Canada as a boy with his father, Anthony Rogers, Loyalist.

My Rogers ancestors were British Loyalists in the American Revolution. The earliest ancestor I know on this branch is Anthony Rogers, who was born in 1731 in Simsbury, Connecticut, and died in 1794 in New Brunswick, Canada.

Anthony traveled from New York to Canada with his sons Edward and John along with the tens of thousands of other Loyalists who emigrated from the United States at the end of the Revolution in 1782 and 1783. His wife, Zilpah Holcombe Rogers, and his oldest son, James Rogers, stayed behind.

I am descended from Anthony’s son Edward Rogers. My mother is in possession of my Grandfather’s Haberman-Rogers Family Bible in which the family recorded my grandfather’s ancestry back to Edward and Edward’s wife Jane Whitney Rogers. My grandfather, John Rogers Haberman, was born in New Brunswick and he grew up very much aware of his family’s Loyalist heritage. He came to the U.S. with his parents and maternal grandmother when he was eight years old, and he and his father became Naturalized U.S. Citizens at Tampa, Florida when Grandpa was nineteen.

This painting depicts the arrival of Loyalists at the mouth of the St. John River in May of 1783:

The Coming of the Loyalists, by Henry Sandham

The Coming of the Loyalists, by Henry Sandham

Other surnames in this branch:








2 thoughts on “ROGERS

  1. Hi,
    My maternal Ggrandmother was Susan Rogers Jones, sister of George Rogers.
    I enjoyed your blogs. I do believe that 3 sons went to Canada with Anthony1. It was Edward, Anthony2 and John. Thx for the great site.

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